Jackie Robinson Breaking Barriers Essay

“It’s helpful to know that we’ve been here before and we’ve gotten beyond it, because that’s part of the beauty of history,” she told the class.

“You learn from the actions of people in the past and you take those actions and apply them to your current situation.” The contest and visit are part of a joint effort with the Miami Marlins and coincide with Black History Month.

COM: Facebook | Twitter MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The daughter of the great Jackie Robinson visited a local middle school as part of Black History Month with a lesson on a topic her family knows well – breaking barriers.

When Jackie Robinson got to the major leagues in 1947, he broke more than a baseball barrier, he helped to usher in a movement that would change our country.

He realizes that with the proper mindset, anything was achievable.

Jiro has definitely reached that treasure he was striving for.

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In addition, Jiro is concerned about how he presents himself to the others at the Hanaza. Being given his first task, Jiro is extremely terrified and worried about making the slightest mistake.

“It was time for the performance to begin when Jiro approached Kinshi with a nervous whisper. After all, everyone at the Hanaza is unsure if Jiro is fit to work at the theater. ...iver, leaving the world of light and air far behind, plunging toward the treasure at the bottom of the sea.” (Paterson 152).


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