Injustice Essay

As an undergraduate in Mc Gill University’s economics department, I wrote a thesis on Islamic banking practices.I chose the topic after encountering an article that claimed that interest rates did not exist in religious Islamic countries.

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Through my role as an investment and credit advisor, I am responsible for ensuring that clients receive the best financial advice possible.

This often entails legal research on my part due to the complex legal issues that surround many credit and investment transactions.

Unraveling mysteries and testing hypotheses against data is the foundation of the legal profession, and I believe that I have the temperament and cognitive capability to excel in such work.

I have gained exposure to the law through my work at the Bank of Canada as an Assistant Manager.

Entering the premises, I was struck by a curious sight.

Children, obviously quite ill, were playing and laughing on the grounds and enjoying the modest toys, which had been donated to them.

I have seen the law in action, and I am intrigued by the complexity and subtly of this instrument.

My study of the law, and my interest in applying it toward social justice, will be informed by my extensive travel experiences.

This puzzled me, and I decided to investigate the matter further.

Poring through data from the World Bank and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, I discovered that such interest rates did exist, but that they were hidden and disguised within other economic transactions.


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