Industrial Revolution Factory Conditions Essay

Industrial Revolution Factory Conditions Essay-89
One of the most influential events in labor history was a direct result of sweatshop conditions.

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Growing cities necessitated investments to be made in improving infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and canals.

This paved the way for industrialization which needed an efficient system to transport mass amounts of goods from factories to markets.

There were no fire escapes and the doors opened out into the hall. As result stricter building codes and fire regulations where passed. Mine owners often hired children whose small hands could fit into narrow openings to scrape coal from the mine walls.

Working 16 hour days with poor ventilation and frequent cave ins these children might be paid a dollar a day.

These changes generally helped workers lives, even though initially there were more negatives than positives.

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Before the Industrial Revolution England’s economy was based on its cottage industry.

Since neither the machines nor the methods of work were designed for safety, many fatal and maiming accidents resulted.

Factory owners, especially those involved in the steel industry and in the coal mine industry, often would build company towns.

It was only a matter of time before these conditions would force change. With America embracing a laissez faire philosophy few in government favored interfering on behalf of the worker, of whom many where immigrants.

The ideals of social Darwinism and rugged individualism created the mentality that if the workers where to improve their lot in life then they would have to do it themselves, and it wasn't easy!


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