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From school fights with kids ignoring a victim of a bully to, ignoring starving children on streets.

Wiesel's experience during the Holocaust shaped his life crucially as well as his writing.

• The writer’s facts, ideas, and concepts clearly support the focus, information, and explanation presented and affirm the audience’s knowledge of the topic.

• The writer provides thorough development and elaboration drawn from the stimulus/research material by using relevant, well-chosen facts, definitions, concrete details, quotations or other information or examples.• The writer organizes and logically groups complex ideas, concepts, and information into broader categories to create a unified whole.• The writer provides an effective concluding statement or section related to the focus, information, and explanation presented.• The writer explains and elaborates on the facts, clearly connecting them to the focus, information, or explanation.The following criteria will earn you full credit for each category: • The writer introduces the topic clearly and provides an observation and focus.Wiesel connected the hate he had for indifference to a feeling her strived for love.Through the hundreds of brutal days, Wiesel spent in the concentration camp everyday he witnessed indifference.Love involves strong deep feelings, while indifference involves no feelings.While in the concentration camp, Wiesel began to really understand what indifference was. This made him realize a contrast between love and indifference.• The writer provides sophisticated, varied transitions to clearly link the major sections of the text and clarify the relationships among complex ideas and concepts.The following criteria will earn you full credit for each category: • The writer provides precise language, domain-specific vocabulary, and literary techniques to inform about or explain the topic.


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