Important Choices In Life Essay

The process of decision-making can be categorized into programmed (routine) or non-programmed (strategic) decision making (Christensen, 1968).A programmed decision is one that we use in our everyday lives and are applied to recurring, routine problems that are often anticipated.During the decision making process, I considered other possible alternatives such as finding a similar course back home or working in a research lab for a while before I pursued further studies.

Here people must identify the problem and act after assessing plausible alternatives.

It usually requires creativity which helps in creating and evaluating alternatives and readiness to take risk which allows us to choose an alternative (Lipicnik, 2002).

Decision making is a process that plays an important role in our daily lives.

Some decisions are not that important whereas other important decisions, when carefully carried out, can change the course of our lives.

My decision to move to Australia to do my masters was a group decision as it involved many people including my parents, friend/cousin and others whom I consulted during my decision making process.

Important Choices In Life Essay

As a part of the group decision making progress I was able to receive knowledge and suggestions from multiple sources which was of immense help in my decision making.

One of the advantages of an individual decision is that it is often quick and creates less of a conflict that may otherwise arise in a group decision.

Advantages of group decisions are that there is usually greater amount of information, knowledge and expertise available and people are able to bring more options/alternatives to the table (John Campling, 2006).

There are certain assumptions and characteristics that form the basis of rational decision-making.

For example, decision makers should have clear understanding of the situation and of all available options at hand, and there should be a general consensus on the issue.


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