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A 54-year-old adult male patient was treated in a private dental office in Padova (Italy) in January 2011.The patient was healthy, nonsmoking and with good oral hygiene.Between them, animal Type 1 collagen showed promising results when used as a coating material for etched titanium surfaces [10, 11].

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Introduction: The aim of the present study is to describe a case report of lower molars substitution with 2 different dental implants.

One with a DAE surface and one with a type 1 collagen coated surface.

After clinical and radiographic examinations, the absence of teeth #18, #19, #30 and #31 was verified.

These teeth were missed 5 years before due to periodontal disease.

Radiographs taken immediately after surgery showed that, while the DAE surface implant was perfectly placed at the crestal bone level, distal bone around the collagen coated implant was partially missing since 4 spires were uncovered by the bone (Figure 1a and 1b).

At the 1-month return, the patient was already presenting good soft tissue healing.

The use of dental implants to replace the missing teeth was planned.

After local anesthesia, a total flap was performed in the left mandible, where a 10 X 4 mm dental implant with double etched surface (DAE) was placed in the area of tooth #19 so as to keep an appropriate distance from the mandibular nerve.

This collagen matrix has many positive biological effects in bone formation, such as facilitating cell adhesion of osteoblasts and osteoclasts, acting as a co-factor for numerous growth factors, modulating the expression of membrane receptors [12-14].

Thus, the presence of a collagen matrix around the titanium implant would anticipate the first stages of bone formation, presenting a matrix ready to be mineralized by the osteoblasts and providing a biochemical stimulation at the same time [15].


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