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In your assignment you must have several references in each task.

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As a first line manager, demonstrate how you and your team have modified a work plan or situation to meet stakeholder needs more effectively.

Access management direct and your Pathways Workbook for your research and make sure you reference your research sources Remember it is essential to demonstrate you have researched around the subject.

Before writing your assignment, always check these notes as they will give you direction.

Presenting the ideal opportunity to include a definition of ‘quality’ using a recognised source (e.g.

We will be writing another blog soon on command verbs and their meanings or you can go to the Developing U resources section of the website to get a complete breakdown of command verbs.

Based upon the stakeholder needs identified in Task 1, produce a work plan or work scenario which illustrates how the primary needs of your stakeholders are being met.Identify a range of at least four different tools and techniques for setting team performance targets.Evaluate these by comparing and contrasting them, using a table format if preferred, identifying the advantages and disadvantages of each.The element of being responsible for planning and people is far more important.Whilst research is essential it can’t be used alone.One such organisation that embraces innovation, and indeed is reliant upon it to deliver its product, is Pixar Studios, the pioneers of computer animation.The Harvard Business Review (2008) cites a number of factors that have been integral to encouraging ideas and innovation at Pixar and these are held in the basic beliefs of the organisation: Professional writing is key to success with your assignment.It is essential you understand what each command verb is asking you to do so you can be very specific in your answer.For example, if they ask you to evaluate and you describe you will not pass.This includes the application of skill or care in the manipulation, use, treatment, or control of the thing or person.Managerial technique encourages managers to dedicate themselves to tasks, process, politics, structures and roles.


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