Ielts Essay Writing Tips General

Ielts Essay Writing Tips General-37
If you are writing an opinion essay, make sure you can identify both sides of the issue.

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It is not necessary to write anything in the outline for your conclusion, as the conclusion is a restatement or summary of your argument, and you will not be presenting any new ideas.

In the case of letter-writing (General Task 1), a formal conclusion may or may not be necessary.

Keep this writing structure in mind: • Make very brief notes about what you are going to write for each paragraph – one idea for each paragraph is enough.• Aim to write around 270 words.• Work out how many lines 250 words are in your handwriting, e.g.

if you write about ten words per line, then you will need to produce at least 25 lines.• Spend no more than five minutes analysing the question and planning.

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Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . This is not the time to decide that your argument is not effective and write a new paragraph (that’s what your outline is for! Read your essay and make sure that it is cohesive, and add sentences or phrases to make stronger connections between ideas if you need to.If you’re looking for more help with the IELTS exam, it might pay to read our previous blog post focusing on IELTS speaking test tips.Whether you’re writing for the Academic or General Test, or you’re on Task 1 or Task 2, make sure you understand exactly what the prompt is asking you to do.If you are writing a letter, make sure you identify the register (formal or informal) and know what salutations and closings are acceptable.Most importantly, having a good outline means you can focus on the language you are using (vocabulary and sentence structure) rather than the ideas you will present. You should start by writing a thesis statement (Writing Task 2) or important points to include in your introduction.Your thesis statement is the driving force behind your entire essay, and every paragraph will relate back to and support it.Once you wrap your mind around the task, you can begin the outline for your paper.Before you start writing, you should make an outline.Therefore, it is important to structure paragraphs and sentences so that they present one idea per sentence and one controlling idea per paragraph.Support your arguments with evidence (an example or explanation), then conclude your paragraph by linking the support to your thesis.


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