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If you've made a plan, you will have a good idea of what you are going to include in your essay. So for your introduction, you might write, "What is this essay going to be about? If you get stuck when writing your essay, it is sometimes because you are not clear what your main ideas are yet.Take a step back and write yourself one or two sentences, explaining in simple terms what you are trying to get across.Write in paragraphs and think of each one as a mini-essay: Make sure you've provided a reference for every idea you got from your reading.

If you want to narrow down a very open-ended question, tell your reader that you are doing this in your introduction.In the main body of your essay, you will be developing the ideas and arguments you have outlined in your introduction.You need to integrate your own ideas with evidence from your reading and other research, and critical analysis.Make it clear how your arguments and evidence relate to the essay title and be ruthless in discarding anything that isn't relevant. This can help you to get your ideas sorted, and give you a reason to stick with your plan. Instead start with the paragraph or section you feel most confident about and build up from there.Irrelevant information can actively lose you marks! A good way to get started is to write down the questions rather than the answers. " Then try answering each of the questions in turn.It's better to discuss fewer things in more depth.Organise your writing in three or four groups of related arguments to keep your overall argument coherent and under control.They form a conceptual framework which the reader will need to understand your arguments.Always keep your reader in mind when writing the beginning and ending to your essay: The best introductions and conclusions tell the reader exactly what they need to know to understand the main body of the essay.It doesn't have to be a straight agreement or disagreement, but it is better to have a well reasoned side to your argument, instead of trying to combine every viewpoint into a muddled whole.It is good practice not to introduce any new information in a conclusion, as the main task here is to close the framework of your discussion by referring back to the questions opened up in your introduction.


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