How To Write A Peer Review Paper

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• Once you accept an invitation, do not neglect to plan ahead so that you allow sufficient time to do the review well and send your report to the editor by the deadline.

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Ultimately, what you’re doing is making a recommendation to the editor, who may or may not have the expertise required to evaluate the work being done.

If you’re lucky, your advisor will guide you through this process.

• Although you should give serious thought to whether you can do a review or not, do not unnecessarily delay your response to an editor’s invitation to peer review an article.

Time is pressing and the publication process takes long enough even when everyone is as efficient as possible.

It is unethical to use your position as a reviewer in order to force authors to cite your publications. As a scientific reviewer you will read many papers that approach and discuss issues in ways that you might not, and even papers that come to conclusions that contradict your own research and writing.

The question is whether the research is valid and the paper makes an impact, not whether you like that impact or not.Basing your evaluation and recommendation on selfish or unethical reasons such as prejudices, personal grudges or a desire to dominate your field is always inappropriate.• Do not close your review with vague or uncertain recommendations.Reviews require considerable attention and reflection, and editors and authors require substance and specifics.Dashing off a short paragraph that simply says the paper is inadequate and should not be published is unhelpful and far from good enough.To gain some professional insight on the process, I spoke with Dr. The first thing to ask yourself when being invited to review an article is whether you are the right person for the job.The two major considerations here are time and expertise.Although you must be sincere even when the news is bad, avoid saying anything in unhelpful or offensive ways, and remember that even a brief mention of a paper’s strengths will encourage the author to accept the more critical comments in constructive ways. At we pride ourselves on our large and extremely dedicated team of academic and scientific professionals.Our proofreaders and editors are highly educated native speakers of English and their areas of specialisation range so widely that we are able to help our clients improve and perfect all kinds of research manuscripts for successful publication.This can be a stressful question for early career scientists who aren’t very confident in their own abilities yet. Herendeen says, “if it is a reputable journal, the editor has probably spent some time investigating potential reviewers and thinks you have relevant background.” So to some extent, you can consider the invitation itself a vote of confidence.“If you are not certain whether you have the background, you can always ask the editor for clarification.


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