How To Start A 5 Paragraph Essay

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These tips can lead even a novice writer to create a well written introduction that any essay would be lucky to have.

Many students find it challenging to write a good essay.

A good should contain your strongest argument in support of your thesis. Then follow with two or three sentences containing supporting evidence or examples.

Conclude this paragraph with a sentence that sums up what you discussed in the paragraph.

You should begin this paragraph with a statement that captures the reader's interest so that the reader will want to continue to read your entire essay.

Make your first sentence as interesting as possible.Write your introduction and conclusions simultaneously Having covered the points that will end up in the essay’s body you should write the introduction and conclusion at the same time.Similar points will be included in both and this method helps prevent you from stating things to similarly in both of those paragraphs.The fifth and final paragraph of the essay contains the .This concluding paragraph should repeat your thesis statement in slightly different words than used in your introductory paragraph.Following the format presented above will help you write good essays.Five paragraph essays contain a three paragraph body sandwiched by an introduction and a conclusion which take up one paragraph each.Wherever possible, be brief Some people love to hear their own voices, others love to see their words on a page.Your reader may not be as inclined to love your writing as you are so it is better to write less and get to the point quickly than to wax poetic line after line while boring them to sleep.Follow with several sentences that clarify your opening statement.Conclude the paragraph with a thesis statement in which you present what you believe and intend to prove.


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