How To Solve Water Pollution Problems

How To Solve Water Pollution Problems-1
Report people who pour oil in storm drains, toss bags of trash in a stream, and so on.

Report people who pour oil in storm drains, toss bags of trash in a stream, and so on.

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Homeowners like to keep the yard looking green and healthy.

This desire for a green lawn produces water pollution in two ways: Fertilizers and pesticides inevitably run off the shrubs and lawns and into the water. No matter where you live, there are bound to be attractive plants that can thrive with minimal help from added chemicals. As a bonus, you will waste less water keeping those plants alive.

Plastic shopping bags and plastic rings from six-packs of beverages cause inordinate problems in the nations lakes and seas. Buy some reusable cloth or plastic grocery bags instead.

They can be had for as little as $1 each, so there is a minimal cost involved.

The food we choose to eat has a huge impact on environmental quality, between the chemicals used to grow food, the fuel used to transport the crops, and the fuel used to power farm equipment on industrial farms.

Many cases of illegal waste disposal and other forms of water pollution go unreported and often aren’t cleaned up.

Raising animals for meat takes lots of water for the grains and other foods they need, as well as to keep them alive.

Further, the antibiotics and solid waste both tend to end up in groundwater and rivers.

Sometimes these devices drain into the town’s sanitary sewer pipes.

This connection dumps biological wastes, heavy metals, cleaning chemicals and more into the system.


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