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Get a parent/ carer to sign that you have completed 30 minutes on that piece of homework. Finish the homework but indicate in pencil how long the homework took you to complete.That way your Form Tutor/ subject teachers will be able to monitor the length of time it takes you to complete a task.Another advantage of the Homework Timetable is that it is colour coded so you can see at a glance your classes, as well as set and due times.

Get a parent/ carer to sign that you have completed 30 minutes on that piece of homework. Finish the homework but indicate in pencil how long the homework took you to complete.

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There may be times when project work is set over a longer period of time and therefore may not be set every week, but this will be recorded on show my homework.

Students are expected to use show my homework to record homework at all times as this will aid organisation and strengthens the communication between home and school.

Music and drama will continue to set homework occasionally (typically twice per half term).

The timetable lists the day homework is set and we ask students to negotiate with their subject teachers a suitable hand in date to help spread their homework load.

Homework timetable 2018/19 Parent and student feedback have alerted us to the fact that a number of students have been completing far more than our recommended quantities of homework – perhaps as an unintended consequence of introducing Show My Homework.

This was never our intention as we realise the importance of our students having other commitments, hobbies and interests outside of the school curriculum.To login please use your normal insight login details; if you are a student these are the same as your normal login for the School system (e.g. Each piece of homework should last between 20 to 30 minutes.If after 30 minutes you have not finished your homework you have 2 choices: 1.Our recommended homework times remain at: · Year 7 Up to 1 hour per night equating to approximately 5 hours per week · Year 8 Up to 1 hour 15 minutes per night equating to approximately 6 hours per week · Year 9 Up to 1 hour 30 minutes per night equating to approximately 7.5 hours per week · Year 10/11 Up to 2 hours per night approximately 10 hours per week In Years 7-9 we have decided to introduce a fortnightly homework timetable, where frequency of homework reflects the amount of curriculum time devoted to each subject.As a result Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Art, DT, FT, Geography, History, Computing and RE homework tasks will now be set fortnightly.I’ve made this Homework Timetable so that teachers can have one place where they can view what homework they have to set and collect that day, as well as when each class has homework set and due.It includes blank one and two week timetables, so it can easily be adapted to suit your school's timetable.Once you have your login details, you can access Show My Homework here or if it is your first time using the platform, try this link to show you how to get started: Homework Timetable Homework Protocols Homework is an integral part of the learning process and an important component of our curriculum.Homework has these important objectives: To reinforce concepts and skills taught in the classroom. To promote student responsibility, initiative and self-direction.The rationale behind home learning is that any extended learning opportunity should be meaningful, enjoyable and support their learning, whilst helping students to develop effective private study habits outside of school.This will encourage our students to become independent enquirers which is one of the key skills needed for further education and the world of work.


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