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If the topic pertains to forces, a force diagram might be drawn.

If the problem pertains to mirrors, a ray diagram or object-image diagram may be drawn.

The list is NOT an exhaustive list; it simply includes some commonly observed habits which good problem-solvers practice.

Anyone can be a good problem-solver; because of personality and learning style differences, some will certainly be better than others.

Many errors (and perhaps even most) can be traced back to this translation process.

These errors are usually the result of a failure to visualize the physical situation described in the verbal statement of the problem or of a failure in missing some strategic information during the reading process.

They know through practice and through observation of other expert problem-solvers (such as their teacher) that there are likely some intermediate unknown quantities which will have to be calculated before finding the final unknown quantity.

By comparing the known information (which they have previously written down in an organized manner) to known mathematical formulae, they are able to determine the intermediate quantities which will allow them to subsequently determine the final quantity.

Most good problem-solvers have unique little practices which make them different from other good problem-solvers.

Nonetheless, there are several habits which they all share in common.


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