Hearts 2 Synthesise

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At this point, I would recommend equiping the Lucky Strike Ability to yourself, as well as to Donald and Goofy (if available). By unlocking the Fourth Set, you should have unlocked Encounter Plus!

Some Crystals can be a pain, and Lucky Strike will help greatly in obtaining them. This new ability allows enemies to appear in areas you've just visited.

With Encounter Plus you will no longer have to travel through to a third area to reset the appearance of heartless in a specific location.

Simply exiting and re-entering an area will give you an encounter!

When grinding for any specific Material, collect the necessary amount listed below, so that you won't have to travel back and forth across worlds wasting time.

Also, note that unlocking the Fourth Set also nets you the Ability Encounter Plus! Using this synthesis feature, players will be able to craft powerful items.You will find synthesis materials by defeating enemies and bosses, and also inside some treasure chests.In Deep Jungle, go to the area where you fought Clayton, and climb to the top of one of the ledges.Two waves of Green Requiem will appear and considering the rarity of the drop is kind of high compared to others, you should be able to collect enough shards with just 2-3 try's.You should collect enough through normal game progression.Amount Needed: 13 Dropped By: Green Requiem Tip: Bright Shards are actually very easy to find, if you look in the right spot.You should be able to collect enough Spirit Shards along your journey.Amount Needed: 10 Dropped By: Sea Neon, Sheltering Zone Tip: This is one of the more annoying materials to collect.Amount Needed: 4 Dropped By: Defender Tip: Probably one of the most annoying materials on this list to grind for.Defenders can be pretty tough early, but with the right equipment and level you should be able to make quick work of them.


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