Great Essay 2nd Edition

Great Essay 2nd Edition-10
Each succinct chapter is itself a persuasive essay that shows (simultaneously as it tells) how to focus and develop an argument, how to write clearly and concisely, and how to anticipate and “deal with” probable reader objections.

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Writing Matters should be in the desk drawer of every manager and executive, if only so that they can recommend it to those whose limping memos and cloudy reports they have to read.” —Charlie Liekweg, recently retired President & CEO of AAA Washington and former Vice President, Operations, GTE Corporation Award-winning English Professor Peter G.

Beidler offers solid advice that includes, in part: Although originally written for first-year university students learning composition, Writing Matters has also been invaluable to ESL students and those in high school preparing for the SATs. BEIDLER has recently retired from the English department at Lehigh University.

Many students dread writing essays because no one has bothered to break down the process in a clear, down-to-earth fashion. Beidler offers both good and bad examples, explaining why the writers succeeded or why they went astray.

**Click the Cover Image to Order Online** **Also available in Kindle** “What I like most about Writing Matters is that it really speaks to my students.

Writing Matters gives them simultaneously both precept and example.

Great Essay 2nd Edition

The ‘Editing Matters’ section comprising forty-seven rules (deftly keyed in a Quick Reference Guide at the end) is a wonderful bonus.

The balance of shorter and longer selections accommodates a variety of student reading levels.

Concise editorial material includes: 14 fresh contemporary selections complement reliable classroom favorites.

Clearly Beidler understands not only writing but also student writers—their fears and misconceptions and common complaints.

May this inexpensive but invaluable little book remains forever in print.” —Professor Kathleen Mayberry, Lehigh Carbon Community College, Schnecksville, PA “Although he wrote this book for college writing classes, the simple, direct advice it contains would help anyone in the business world.


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