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In addition, the ETS website also contains every possible essay prompt that may be presented on test day, for both the Argument Task and the Issue Task.Manhattan Review offers one free GRE practice test to all GRE students, which includes an Analytical Writing section that is computer-graded, using an algorithm similar to that used by ETS to grade official GRE Analytical Writing submissions.

You will need to budget time to consider the prompt and its specific instructions before you begin writing your response.

Practicing under time constraints can help you develop your ability to plan and write quickly, so that your official essays reflect your true writing ability, regardless of your essay prompts.

I can read advice all day but I want to read the essays ETS is looking for so I can familiarize myself with them. Out of 150 topics, one of my practice topics happened to be my prompt on the actual test.

Also, can someone link me to the list of all possible essay topics?

For some students this may mean always using a five-paragraph essay structure; for others, this may mean a particular style of analyzing the prompt to find assumptions or develop an opinion.

What matters is that on test day you can approach the writing tasks confidently and begin planning and writing your essay without wasting any time.

Either way, first of all, high scorers should follow the advice that everyone should follow, just to get as used to the task as possible: "Actions: read Chapter 2 and all sample essays and commentary in The Official Guide, as well as those in the Verbal Practice book.

These are great models for your writing since you can see what the ETS graders reward. Read and brainstorm the topics for the Issue essay and the topics for the Argument essay. Compare them to the sample essays in the ETS books.

The Analyze an Issue task presents an opinion and requires the student to evaluate the issue and develop a reasoned argument with examples to support your view.

Before writing, be sure to read the instructions carefully and consider the issue from several perspectives, paying attention to its complexity.


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