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The Scheme has been established by The Legal Education Foundation, and is supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Unbound Philanthropy, City Bridge Trust and a number of law firms.Our aim is that the Fellowship Scheme will come to be seen as a route to a career in this important area of law, with Fellows going on to become leaders in their field and important advocates for access to justice and the rule of law. To provide: The Kalisher Trust awards are designed to encourage older students who are intending to, or already practising at the Criminal Bar.

that Turnbull sued on many years ago maybe I should fetch-up some dog eared reflections.

The article in the Clancy column didn’t directly assert that Turnbull strangled the cat of his former girlfriend, Fiona Watson.

If an applicant cannot meet the criteria under (2) they may still be eligible to apply for the DAS if they have faced or will face exceptional circumstances to pursue their studies as a result of their cultural background, health problems, gender, sexuality, race, religion or other extreme personal circumstances.

The Justice First Fellowship Scheme was established in 2014 to support the next generation of students committed to public interest and social justice issues who want to pursue a career in social welfare law.

Why I dredge-up the topic is because Crabb reported in her in a recent story headlined “Feline furphy dogs Turnbull” reported that he denied writing letters to the cat after he and Fiona broke up.

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To clear up this nagging issue once and for all here is exhibit one: an unearthed letter from Malcolm Turnbull to the cat Nessie.Last year as Opposition Leader he even came up with the cock-eyed notion that Kevin Rudd had libelled George W.Bush by privately referring to the then President as a “fool” for not knowing what the G20 was.The neigbours allegedly had seen Malcolm around the house at the relevant time and Fiona felt that Turnbull had been behaving irrationally after she expressed her intention to break-off the relationship.All of this led your editor, nearly 30 years ago, to scribble this oblique reference about the prospective polly with the enormous sense of self-worth.Turnbull has consistently trumpeted this as a huge victory.Journalist Mark Westfield didn’t help by blundering-in and repeating the story in one of his . She said she found the deceased moggy under some bushes.The story would have died as a bit of irrelevant banter had not Turnbull catapulted the affair into a by suing. Journalists who interviewed him for profiles invariably were threatened that he’d sue their pants off if he didn’t like what was published.He waged a torrid war of libel threats against the former editor of , which had published something innocuous about the murky matter of FAI and HIH.If you know of any other relevant scholarships and bursaries, please let us know at [email protected] must (1) be unable to finance the cost of their LPC and (2) be able to confirm that they (a) attended a non-fee-paying school and/or (b) were part of the first generation of their family to attend higher education and/or (c) were eligible for free school meals whilst at school.


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