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Stories reach us where nothing else can and quicken the heartbeat of the hero within us.” Related to the above is that a good book can foster a conversation that may not have happened otherwise.

It isn’t easy to randomly bring up the topics of courage and bravery, and their importance in life, but if you’ve read While test scores aren’t the be-all and end-all of a child’s intelligence or the final predictor of their success in life, it should be obvious that higher test scores are better than lower test scores.

You don’t go through a quiz to gauge your understanding of the plot or write a short essay on the main themes (like one would do in a school setting).

In addition to fostering good, meaningful conversation, do your best to make it a fun atmosphere.

And, these benefits carry over all the way through middle school, and even beyond.

When you read aloud to a kid, you build up their storehouse of words and grammatically correct phrases and sentences.This increased vocabulary helps them out in conversation, in their writing, and in their general communication skills ( way to help children grow to be good communicators [is] to read aloud to them as much as possible.” From increasing one’s general understanding of the world, to becoming more persuasive, to even having a better first impression, Now, you’d think that simply talking to your kids a lot would do the same thing, but while overhearing conversation does help, the reality is that we tend to be lazy speakers.We don’t usually use a wide variety of words (especially when talking to/with children because we think they won’t understand) and we aren’t always grammatically correct.When we talk, we generally aren’t taking the time to form well-thought-out sentences. (As a related side note, don’t be afraid of using your full range of vocabulary with your kids; they obviously won’t get everything, but they can put together more than they’re often given credit for, and it builds up their storehouse of words even more.) If you’re a parent, you know that your kids often listen to outside sources better than they listen to you.They’re better behaved for teachers and grandparents, and often more readily heed their advice. The same thing can happen when you read books to your kids. Lewis writes, “Since it is so likely that they will meet cruel enemies, let [children] at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage.Now, this doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily talk sooner, or read on their own sooner, but they will come to comprehend things better than if you hadn’t read to them at all.On the other end, reading aloud to your kids shouldn’t end when they can read on their own.As noted above, especially in the early years of independent reading, it takes a lot of mental power just to comprehend individual words and sentences, let alone stringing them together to form complete thoughts.They have the capacity to understand more complex stories, but quite possibly only in the form of being read to. As they get older, they’ll gain the attention span to follow the narrative of longer, picture-free chapter books for weeks and even months. You make small talk, perhaps about the book, but also about topics that go afield from it.Beyond all the above tangible benefits of reading to your kids, it’s just a really fun way to spend time with them.In a world of digital devices and toys that are filled with buttons and parent-annoying-noises, reading to your kids is a (relatively) calm, grounding activity that can be enjoyed by parent and child alike (which are few and far between).


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