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The German language is a rich and historical language that has been around for centuries and is one of the most used languages in business.If you are studying German, then you may want to make use of handy tools, such as the German sentence corrector.

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Use your dictionary carefully: select the best one from the list of alternatives given; if in doubt cross-check with the German-English section to make sure the word says what you want. Vary your verbs; use modals to say what can, should, must happen; use the subjunctive where appropriate.

(b) Connect sentences with conjunctions (und, denn, sondern, aber, oder, weil, dass, obwohl...); convert some simple sentences to relative clauses (but note: relative clauses with the verbs haben/sein are awkward and can usually be replaced by adjectives, e.g "Die große Frau" instead of "Die Frau, die groß ist").

There you have some of the most obvious benefits of using the online sentence correction of the German language.

You can gain so much to when using such powerful tools for your business or studies, so start using it today!

If you roll over any text, you will hear the audio for that vocabulary.

For each picture, you must click on the word/s that match that picture.That means you can use the corrector as many times, as you want in a day provided you are connected online.On the other hand, there are tools that will require you to pay money to use their upgraded features, but that will depend on your needs.If your answer is correct you will hear a bell and one star will be lit. If your answer is wrong, a box will open showing you what the correct answer was.The test is timed, and the clock starts when you click the Start button. At the end of your test a screen will tell you how many of the questions you got right and how long you took to complete the test.Vocabulary: make a list of English vocabulary words you still need to know after Step 1. Write a first draft on a computer (for easy editing) using short, basic sentences.Look up and write down the German equivalents, including genders and plurals of nouns. Click here for information on how to type the German special characters on a computer. Expand this first draft: (a) add adjectives (including comparatives and superlatives), adverbs, descriptive phrases, prepositional phrases (with what, after what, for what, since when, ...).Remember that subordinate clauses and relative clauses must be set off by commas.(c) Vary your sentence structure--instead of always beginning the sentence with the subject, put another sentence element in the first position, and use inverted word order.It can offer you plenty of benefits to help you succeed in your studies or in business.Check out below how a tool such as German, Spanish or French sentence corrector can help you improve your language as well as to check your assignments, if you are a student.


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