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This means that you must be able to understand not only your own perspective on a topic and why you hold that perspective, but also demonstrate comprehension of the multitude of possible opinions others may hold on a particular topic and why they feel this way.

Keeping the goals of critical and reflective thinking in mind at all times as you prepare and practice for Section II will help you develop a clear vision of what you are trying to demonstrate via your essays and help you visualise your overall goals for Section II. This guide is a great way to structure you preparation for GAMSAT Section II, and we hope that we have broken the task down into bite-sized chunks that are easy to achieve!

Possible explanations include: By putting yourself in the shoes of those who have designed and written the GAMSAT, and considering why certain elements have been included, you will be better positioned to streamline your preparation and achieve the best possible score in Section II.

As a follow on from the above points, it pays to think carefully (and critically!

Robert provides assistance with all aspects of the essay writing section of the GAMSAT test.

Robert is an experienced published author who has been tutoring students who wish to maximise their results in the GAMSAT since 2006.You must complete your two pieces of writing within 60 minutes (you also have 5 minutes of reading time).Theoretically, the pieces of writing can be anything (including argumentative essays or creative pieces such as a short stories, poems, or journal entries) so long as they are written in response to one or more of the given GAMSAT quotes and deal effectively with the themes raised in the quote.And, like the old and slightly musty saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail.It sounds a little doomsday, but a little bit of planning can go a long way, especially in terms of managing your stress and ensuring that your study targets are reasonable.Section II of the GAMSAT is basically asking you to read and comprehend a number of quotes (these may be statements or questions) that often provide multiple points of view on a particular topic, and to then synthesise these disparate (different) views into an integrated piece of writing.This piece of writing should demonstrate critical and reflective thinking skills (more on the balance of each of these for either ‘type A’ or ‘type B’ essays later).Remember the principles of SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) goal setting, and that more study does not necessarily equal better study.Below is a sample week by week GAMSAT planner that you might want to use to plan your Section II study alongside your study for Sections I and II.Note that you might obviously have more objectives (e.g.more individual topics that you would like to revise per week for Section III) and you might like to set out your table to include, say, all of the days of the week.


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