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It doesn't take long for frindle to take root, and soon the excitement spreads well beyond his school and town. Granger would like Nick to put an end to all this nonsense. All he can do now is sit back and watch what happens.One day, he tries to derail the class discussion by asking where the meaning of each word brought up in class comes from.Instead of answering him, she gives him a homework assignment to research and write a paper on the origin of words.The story begins on the first day of fifth grade in 1987, as young Nicholas “Nick” Allen begins the new school year at Lincoln Elementary School in Westfield only to find out that his teacher is the strict, traditionalist Mrs. He has a reputation as a prankster in previous years.She’s best known for telling students to look up the answers to their questions themselves.I really liked this book and it's perfect for 5th graders.The reason I think it is better for 5th graders is because there are a couple of harder words in it.To try to stop the word from spreading further, Mrs.Granger begins punishing students she hears saying “frindle”, giving them detention and forcing them to write lines.The next day in class, after giving his report, Nick begins using the word frindle to describe pens, and it soon catches on with his classmates. Granger didn’t like the word from the start, and as its use spreads, she finds it more and more disrespectful.It doesn’t take long before it’s spread around the school, and students from different classes and grades are starting to use it. A student of traditional English, she’s bothered by the perceived disrespect to the long-running word “pen”. Granger tries to shut down the use of the word by meeting with Nick, discussing her objections, and having him sign a letter that he won’t use the word anymore.


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