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via @Writers Digest HT @The IWSG and @Frugal Book Promo P8 Deadline Sep 10: The Molotov Cocktail seeks dark and offbeat, strange and surreal poems for its Shadow Award; win 0 and publication; enter 1-2 poems per submission, each up to 1 page in length |…@Molotov Lit Zine with @submittable Vzef Follow Winning Writers on Twitter!In addition, thanks to sponsor Cindy Tebo () and Jayanta (), an additional will be added to the entry fees collected and divided with the above percentages among the top three scoring poets.

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Cellucci & Christopher Shipman 2 copies of the book “#specialcharacters” by Larissa Shmailo 1 copies of the book “Apocalyptics” by C.

Derick Varn 1 copy of the book “Ghazals 1-59 and Other Poems” by Sheila E. Born in Long Beach, CA she currently lives in Huntington Beach, CA with her husband and two daughters.

First Prize: 50% of the entry fees collected plus winning poem featured on the PSH Second Prize: 30% of the entry fees collected plus winning poem featured on the PSH.

Third Prize: 20% of the entry fees collected plus winning poem featured on the PSH.Writing contests are a great way to express your creativity while winning great prizes.Writing contests often have less competition than random-draw sweepstakes, so why not give them a try?Babwe John Fitz Gerald https://org/directory/writers/john_fitzgerald 2 copies of the book “The Mind” by John Fitz Gerald Judith R.Robinson 2 copies of the book “Carousel” by Judith R. Gordon 1 copy of prize-winning book “Caution: Deep Water” by Katherine L. Arcangelini 2 copies of the book “What the Night Keeps” by M. Arcangelini Magdalena Ball 1 month advertisement on Compulsive Reader including newsletter ad ( value) Margaret King 1 copy of the book “Isthmus” by Margaret King Marie C Lecrivain copy of the book “The Virtual Tablet of Irma Tre” (c) 2014 Edgar and Lemore’s Publishing House Mary Eastham’s 30 IN 30 Workshop 2 copies of Mary Eastham’s 30 in 30 Workshop – Write a Poem A Day For A Month Nancy Shiffrin 1 copy of the book “Game With Variations” by Nancy Shiffrin Neil Leadbeater 2 copies of the book “River Hoard” by Neil Leadbeater Nine Muses Poetry https://2 copies of the poetry chapbook “Surfacing” by Annest Gwilym.Kopaska-Merkel 2 one-year digital subscriptions to Dreams and Nightmares magazine (3 issues) David Flynn 2 copies of the book “Selected Poems” by David Flynn Diana Raab copies of the book “Lust” by Diana Raab Ed Werstein 1 copy of the book “A Tar Pit to Dye In” by Ed Werstein 1 11×13 Broadside Print of your choice from Emily Vieweg’s store. Jayanta Bhaumik Cash Donation Added to the Prize Pot Shared by the Contest Winners Jerry Garcia 1 copy of the chapbook “Hitchhiking With the Guilty” by Jerry Garcia 1 copy of the book “On Summer Solstice Road” by Jerry Garcia Jim D.Babwe 1 copy of the book “Kite String Theory” by Jim D.Murphy & Michelle Greenblatt 1 copy of the book “Citizen Relent” by Jeff Weddle Vincent O’Connor 1 copy of the book “”Wishbones”” by Ben-Moeller-Gaa 1 copy of the book “”Distant Noise”” by Jean Fremon Voices Israel 1 copy of the Voices Israel 2015 Anthology 1 copy of “A Second Decade of Poems from Voices Israel” Walking Press The 1st Place PSH Contest Winner will be a Featured Writer/Poet/Artist in our bi-monthly Boom Songs publication – a small-run, chapbook handmade using recycled coffee cup sleeves as covers. in Poetry from California State University, Long Beach and an M. Visit her on the web at Ellis (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Angele Ellis won third place in the 2018 (Six Gallery), a hybrid poetry-fiction tribute to her adopted city of Pittsburgh, with photographs by Rebecca Clever.The profits of the chapbook are split with the featured poet. Winning Writers https://2 copies of the book “Our Last Six Months” by Emily Bracale, Grand Prize Winner, North Street Book Prize for Self-Published Books . We monitor over 200 quality poetry and prose contests with no entry fees. Each profile gives you Jendi's assessment of the 'heft' of the contest, the kind of work most likely to win a prize, and all the information you need to enter.


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