Frankenstein By Mary Shelley Themes Essay

Frankenstein By Mary Shelley Themes Essay-35
Theme of Parental responsibility and Nurture Closely related to the theme of birth and creation is the theme e of parental neglect and their responsibilities to nurture their children. He has usurped the role of God and has created a Being in complete violation of natural laws.But as some critics feel that his more heinous crime is his abandoning his me the idea of an immediate union with my Elizabeth was one of horror and dismay.” This reaction may also be due to the monster’s threat hanging over his mind.

This leads to the idea that Victor is frightened by the very thought of sexuality.

This view is supported by his own reaction to his father’s suggestion that he should marry Elizabeth: “Alas!

Politics- Society emerges and dictates what is morally acceptable.

This show how the government can rule with an iron fist, with no remorse, causing others to question what they believe.

Since the words of threat are spoken after Victor destroys the female companion, it is clear that the monster would do that he would not let Victor enjoy the pleasure of marital union – the pleasure which had been denied to him. The ugliness of the monster and the likelihood of monstrous species which the monster and his female companion might have engendered, creates in Victor and abnormal fear of even natural sexuality.

Critics have gone to take the view that the monster becomes an embodiment and an externalization of all of Victor’s repressed desires, the desires he rejects but cannot obliterate.

Victor’s ‘secret toils’ in a workshop of ‘filthy creation’ suggest that he is engaged in unnatural and unlawful sexuality whereby he eliminates the role of a woman, thereby he seems to be doing something which disrupts the normal family harmony and attendant responsibilities of a parent.

Thus, there is an apparent critique of man’s attempt to violate the law of nature and also his efforts to eliminate woman from the creative act.

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