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For example, if you're discussing a historical figure, you may want to include an anecdote that's interesting but does not directly pertain to the main argument of your paper.This anecdote can be included in the footnotes-basically, it's a place to stash information that's interesting but that would interrupt the flow of your paper. You don't want your reader to be constantly having to read through extra paragraphs in the notes, so before you include one of these footnotes think hard about whether it really adds value to your paper.In fact, it's often a good idea to include more than one source, particularly when citing controversial work: the more evidence you can provide for your argument, the more credible your paper will be.

If you need to reference more than one source, use only one footnotes and include the bibliographic information for all the sources in the same note.When you're in this gray area, it's a matter of personal discretion, but there are a few guidelines that can help: Bibliographic footnotes can also include information about the source if it's relevant.For example, you may want to give a brief description of the credibility of the source or note other relevant sources.However, these notes can also be used to expand on ideas in the text.If the notes are located at the bottom of each page, they're called footnotes; if they're collected at the end of the paper, they're called endnotes.A section of footnotes with these references might look like this: you should collect all the sources you cited in a list under the heading "Bibliography." These citations will look slightly different: the authors' first and last names should be reversed, and the page number is left off. But sometimes there are those ridiculous assignments, good for nothing but a waste of time. And when I get such assignments, I know where to look for help. My friends tried to persuade me not to use any writing service but I had no time and chance to fail. I had doubts at first but still decided to give it a try. Footnotes are notes placed at the bottom of a page.See our section on citation styles for more information.Footnotes are not just for interesting comments, however.However, if you have only a few notes or you have so many footnotes that they take up a sizable portion of the page, you may use endnotes.If you're not sure which to use, it's best to ask your teacher or professor which they prefer.


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