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Find every kind of relevant source you can, as kat2pult suggests. Make your pre-essay narrative lead your choice and order of sources, rather than just letting your sources form your narrative during writing. A couple of hundred words over the word limit is always better that a couple of hundred under.We've all done the latter at some point, and you could easily get 65-70 that way, but really the best essays are the ones where you've done enough reading to know the direction you want to take before you start writing. One of my highest scoring essays was about 30% over. I did Management with Marketing and consistently scored around 80%.

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My brother Rahul is interested in Math and science.

Start by writing your name and a little about your family.

It didn't matter that they happened to be the best question-related sources I could find, because the marker didn't know that and assumed I hadn't researched much.

Yeah, the department generally had a 10% rule, but 10% over was still better than 10% under.

Citing and referencing is par for the course, and doing so extensively may get you a 2:1.

However, I find that most First Class essays require a clear engagement with the critics and their arguments, deconstructing their points to fit your own etc.

Do you get taught how to write a good essay whilst at uni (in the first year at least) or are they expecting you to already be able to write one?

I didn't really do any essay based A Levels apart from languages, where the essays are fairly straight forward as long as you've worked hard with the language side of things, so I'm kind of worried my first few essays are gonna be really poor and that I'll quickly start to fall behind everyone else...

For some reason that specific lecturer had a 30% boundary, I guess he wanted to give more freedom for producing what the student felt was a good length.

I feel that my list was rather incomplete but I don't know what else to add.


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