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For the flames to exist at the surface of the fuel, the combustion process must be self-sustaining and capable of supplying the necessary energy to maintain the flow of flammable vapours from the fuel.Once a fire is started, there are 3 ways the heat is transferred: The way a fire develops in the open is much different from the way it evolves in a closed space such as a room in a building.The remaining of the room catches fire very quickly because of this sudden rise in temperature and the stage is called flash over.

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The recommendations will be based on the survey and the conclusions of the analysis.

The actual preparation of the guide is beyond the scope of this project.

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The temperature to which a fuel has to be heated for the gases given off to flash when an ignition source is applied is known as the fuel’s flash point.

Once the ignition has begun and the vapours are ignited, these flames will in turn further heat and increase the rate of production of flammable vapours.The aim of this report is to survey existing means of fire escape in a number of local houses of multiple occupations with a view to give recommendations for the preparations of a guide for fire escape in houses of multiple occupations.For that purpose, a comprehensive literature review of fire safety principles as well as fire escape issues is required.The existence of walls and a ceiling changes the way the heat transfer modes affect the growth of the fire.The development of a fire in a room has several stages.Flames are the visible manifestation of this reaction between a gaseous fuel and oxygen.If the fuel is a solid or liquid, there is first a gasification process as it is heated.Fire can be described as “a process of combustion characterised by the emission of heat accompanied by smoke and flame” (Malhotra, 2001).Combustion is a series of very rapid chemical reactions between a fuel and oxygen (usually from the air), releasing heat and light. For combustion to occur heat and a fuel source must all be present and the removal of one of these will terminate the reaction.So, heating a solid does not necessarily lead to combustion.Combustion will only occur when the gas is ignited.


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