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The use of a tower, which could represent the aspirations of man toward a higher plain, but also suggests a hierarchical structure, it is clear though that there is a certain harmony in the relationship between Mephistopheles and the Lord. The collected works 3 Essays on Art and Literature. The streets of the Weimar Faust are full of healthy singing comely maidens and virile young men.

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” There are two bets with mephisto: the Lords who stakes Faust’s salvation on the ceaselessness of his striving and Faust’s, who offers his life if he should ever affirm any aspect of human existence.”[6] As a result “Faust may attain salvation because Mephisto lost his bet with the Lord but he must also die, because he lost his bet with Mephisto,”[7]or did he lose his bet with Mephisto when he died, as he would have if he refuses to engage in any activityoffered by Mephisto?

The Weimar production presents the world of Faust as one of cosmic harmony and social harmony.

From the outset of the Dieter Dorn production the world of Faust is seen to be one of cosmic and social chaos.

It is a world where the people at the city gate treat Faust wihout an ounce of courtesy; they even transform directly into the witches who turn Faust away from his piety and into a creature of the foulest magnitude.

The comparison of the Wiemar Faust part one and the Dieter Dorn production clearly reveals the gaping chasam of possible interpretation.

Goethe’s Faust is taken under the umbrella of western capitalism and eastern socialism and the result is two radically different plays which use the same text. Sources of the Faust tradition from Simon Magus to Lessing.

In the Weimar production Faust appears not to learn the true nature of cosmic order simply because the body language between Mephisto and Faust goes un… Goethe’s view of evil and the search for a new image of man in our time.

The Ambiguity presented by the pact of Faust and the bet made by the Lord is a a direct analogy to the ambiguous nature of man.

Goethe’s Faust presents us with a competent world view. It presents man in the guise of faust as a social animal whose actions have deeper ramifications on those around him. Faust’s actions are the catalyst that lead to the downfall of his fellow characters, Gretchen, Valenitne, and Gretchens mother.

“Goethe’s view of evil as a force extending beyond the individual to the whole of society”[1] is of paramount impotance when considering the alternatinve interpretations of the Weimar and Deiter Dorn Productiuons of Goethe’s Faust.


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