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O’Connor’s stories had been created to advance religious aspects to present God’s works within the societal setting. As a direct result of this, the healthcare profession is facing difficulty with regard to how to integrate an understanding of the provision of healthcare and its ultimate goals with individuals that have diverse religious beliefs that steam and generate different components of life.

She had been an established Roman Catholic follower and had the knowledge that her readers had been from a wider religious setting. For years, the healthcare profession in the United...

The fictional writings had been completed to offer the needed measures to advance spiritual consideration as she ...? The main characters of O'Connor's "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" and "The Lame Shall Enter First" both came across a meaningful realization of Christ's existence following a confrontation with wickedness (Cook).

Topic : A good man is hard by flannery to find O'connor “The good man is hard to find” is a book written by Flannery O” Connor which contains many short stories in one name. The selfish and manipulative grandmother is more concerned of looking like a Christian than being a good Christian while Sheppard is a doubtful believer who sees Christianity as obsolete and old-fashioned.

Conclusion: O’Connor had been an intelligent and creative writer who had used sharp imagery and symbolism in her works.

The use of religious intuition and strange characters also generated the development in the plot within her short stories.O’Connor presented her faith in the writings that she completed that held the Roman Catholic beliefs. Drug offenders who show no previous history of drug abuse or any type of violence and no prior arrests usually face compulsory minimum sentences in excess of 25 years behind bars.Most plots that had been developed predicted the beliefs of the author towards the societal setting. A high total of drug low level offenders who have been found guilty end up receiving harsh sentences such as life imprisonment without the option of parole, this is due to the penalizing laws.The influence had been developed with her participation in the Roman Catholic Church. As a qualified social scientist, O’Connor used symbolism and imagery that had been developed in her creative aspect.She had been an amateur writer and editor who had started expressing her writing skills within the qualified agencies. Majority of the scenes that she had created in her works had been from the Southern region where she had emanated from with the struggle between spirituality and unholy concepts.She also presented her literal skills in completing variable commentaries and followed the style in the Southern Gothic technique to include gross characters.The artist intuition to include religion and beliefs in their writings also favored the outcome that presented a distinct ploy development. Friedman points out that Martha Stevens in her book on O’Connor focuses most of her energy.....public well-being (Sandro 44).The book starts with a short story where in an unnamed grandma influencing her son to go to Tennessee rather than Florida for vacation. Sheppard's character is reminiscent of O'Connor's words: "Nobody has given any reliable......The Life and Works of O. Here the Grandmother is shown to be very manipulative and even in the journey manipulates her son to divert to Tennessee instead of Florida. Henry One of the most celebrated writers in American literature, William Sydney Porter (1862 –1910), better known in his pen name O. "Flannery O Connor (1925–1964)." The Columbia Companion to the Twentieth-Century American Short Story. Wills (2006) points out that faith meant something different then from what it means today. A Good Man Is Hard to Find, USA: Rutgers University Press, 1993 4. For instance, there is notable meaningless and mindless cruelty and exemplary void in “A good man is hard to find, Greenleaf, and Everything that Rises Must Converge. Ehrman (2005) is concerned with the separation of Christians and Jews on the....... “Flannery O’Connor’s Validation of the Unreasonable in “A Good Man is Hard to Find””. O’ Connor[2], Flannery, Good Country People from: Country 5. It is easily notable that most of her stories result to an ending of freak fatalities or emotional......." Southern Quarterly 41.2 (2003): 156 .


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