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Rose feels so suffocated by her the expectations of her wealthy family and friends that she nearly kills herself in the film's first act, and Cameron portrays the upper class to be overwhelmingly amoral. Bruce Ismay's arrogance dooms the ship, Cal Hockley's abusive behavior shocks Rose, and Rose's mother Ruth shamelessly uses her daughter as a pawn.Only Molly Brown, as an example of "new money," retains her moral center.Thomas Andrews is seen at the end of the film staring into a clock, contemplating the minutes he has left on earth before the ship sinks.

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Rose dropping the Heart of the Ocean diamond back into the sea at the end of the film, rather than turning it over to Brock, reflects the fact that love is a mysterious and powerful force beyond measure, something not reducible to material wealth.

," but instead of staging a battle between Montagues and Capulets, Cameron dramatizes the hostility between the rich and the poor.

The penniless artist Jack, on the other hand, values experiences over possessions, and encourages Rose to do the same.

Cameron also shows how third-class passengers, caged below deck, perished at greater rates than first-class passengers, who bribed and cajoled their way onto lifeboats.

When Jack goes to dinner in first class, Molly tells him dryly, "Remember, they love money, so pretend you own a goldmine, and you're in the club." The greediness of the White Star Line is portrayed by their refusal to load the ship with an adequate number of lifeboats, or when a crew member chastises Jack for uprooting a bench so that they can escape third class.

The pervasive elevation of money over human life eventually disgusts Rose so severely that she abandons her mother, spits in Cal's face, and returns to Jack's side, even as the ship is sinking.

Many passengers die trying to protect loved ones, and to remain calm in the face of certain death.

The band playing on during the sinking symbolizes the struggle of the human spirit to remain joyful in times of dire loss.

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