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This statement captures the spirit of moral dilemmas of the robot character.

This statement captures the spirit of moral dilemmas of the robot character.It goes several steps further to probe whether a robot with a positronic brain can not only be self aware, but also have a soul, and be worthy of human dignity. Moreover, freedom is what makes us different from animals. Because we intend to do certain things, our actions are moral: they are either good or evil; for Andrews actions are intended for “goodness” of one man’s heart. Humans have Passions or Feelings: Human passions are what make humans feel that living is worthwhile.

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In the movie, I supposed that Andrew Martin later developed a free will.

It is because there were scenes in the movie that will tell how he had developed this kind of ability.

According to his autobiographical writings, Asimov included the First Law's "inaction" clause because of Arthur Hugh Clough's poem "The Latest Decalogue" (text in Wikisource), which includes the satirical lines "Thou shalt not kill, but needst not strive / officiously to keep alive".

Although Asimov pins the creation of the Three Laws on one particular date, their appearance in his literature happened over a period.

God has formed us from the dust of the earth and gave us a special dignity among all the works of creation.

Human beings have been made for relationship with God, to live in peace with each other, and to take care of the rest of By having the ability to reason, humans can distinguish the difference between right and wrong and know what is good for them and others.

The rules were introduced in his 1942 short story "Runaround" (included in the 1950 collection I, Robot), although they had been foreshadowed in a few earlier stories.

The Three Laws, quoted as being from the "Handbook of Robotics, 56th Edition, 2058 A.

An example of morality in the movie “Bicentennial Man” is when Andrew states his famous speech in front of the court.

This statement was overloaded with morality messages, Andrew tries to tell us that people are different, that not all marriages need be procreative, that laws should be passed to validate the humanity of some people, that big corporations are bad, and that artificial implants make artificial people.


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