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To bring beautiful, well-considered things into the world.

My goal here is to outline what we did and why we did it, with the hope of inspiring anyone with an itch, gumption and a good narrative, to do the same.

They happily answer all questions as they proudly show off the silk-screening processes in which they specialize.

It’s an impressive facility — they’re able to handle jobs as small as up to highway billboards.

Editor and co-author Ashley Rawlings and I put the book together in 2008. The book is important to us because we put so much work into its production.

But it's particularly important to me because over time this project has come to embody much of my ethos towards publishing, printing and the book as an object. It is a wholly formed literary object — a well-considered balance of editorial, design and physical craft. In April 2010, Ashley Rawlings and I used community fundraising to raise nearly ,000. Contemporary publishing is engulfed by a forest of question marks. And it's a story that I hope will serve as a template. It's a story that I hope will change how you think about all of these topics. Advancements in affordability of printing, promotion and distribution has significantly lowered the barrier to entry for would-be publishers. I want to share with you a story about books, publishing, fundraising and seed capital.I had spent time treading water in the independent publishing world and thought I might be able to inspire similar folk to reconsider the habits we had fallen into.A lot of us were thinking like mass-market publishers despite being anything but.If you reach your goal before the time limit, you continue to raise money until the time limit is up. Backers simply can't lose — if you can’t complete the project, they don’t pay.And if you can, they get both their tier award and the satisfaction of knowing they were instrumental in seeing your project through to completion.They have aircraft hangar sized darkrooms with exposure bulbs looming like miniature suns. Unfortunately, they are adamant that I don't photograph the facilities.Still, I manage to covertly eke out a single photograph — that of covers drying.


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