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Unlike Romeo, Gatsby is completely idealistic in his love for Daisy—he’ll do anything for her, but she wouldn’t do the same for him. Gatsby is so busy reaching for an ideal that he’s never satisfied.He surrounds himself with money and parties even though he doesn’t take any real pleasure from them. When he finally gets the girl, he still isn’t satisfied. So it doesn’t matter if some people say Snape isn’t, as long as you can back your writing up with evidence that he is.Instead, he remains indecisive about whether his uncle, Claudius, was the murderer.

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Now that you’re feeling a little more sure about what a tragic hero is, it’s time to start looking for tragic heroes in the literature you’re reading.

Probably the easiest place you’re going to find a tragic hero (but maybe not the easiest to read about) are from William Shakespeare. Pretty much any tragedy he wrote has one, and the tragic hero is typically a title character—Romeo, King Lear, Hamlet, Macbeth … (I’ll give more details about a couple of these later.)But Shakespeare wasn’t the first, last, or only author to use this type of character in literature.

Okay, so you might be wondering what a tragic hero is exactly.

The name is a pretty good clue—a hero or protagonist that is, in some way, tragic. A tragic hero is a character, usually the main character, who makes a mistake in judgment that ultimately leads to his or her undoing.

Do you ever get so connected to a character that it almost physically hurts when the character gets killed off?

For me, it happens all the time when I watch Game of Thrones.Don’t worry if it isn’t all completely clear right now …I’ll explain in more detail what makes a character “tragic” and give you some tragic hero examples you can use as inspiration in your own essay.I could write a whole post about Shakespearean tragic heroes, but how about tragic hero examples from some different authors?Jay Gatsby is a tragic hero because he dies chasing an ideal that will never come true.By making tragic heroes generally neutral on the moral scale, it makes them more relatable, which makes readers upset when they finally die or suffer some other tragic fate.Furthermore, they must suffer more than they should.Romeo’s obsessive love is what causes him to kill himself at the thought of Juliet being dead (if he had held out another hour or two, he would’ve been fine).And inadvertently, it’s Romeo’s suicide that causes Juliet’s death.Because he wastes all of his time trying to decide what to do, his uncle is able to poison Hamlet’s drink.Hamlet’s mother drinks it by mistake and dies, after which Hamlet overcomes his flaw, kills Claudius, and promptly dies..


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