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Today, many young people are receiving their A-Level results.

But today also marks the long-awaited publication of the Government’s plan of action to reduce the staggeringly high levels of children’s obesity across the UK.

But putting the marking to one side for a moment, there are some clear and worrying gaps in this plan.

And the simple fact is that, as it stands, the nation’s children are being let down.

The Prime Minister and Health Secretary talked of a “game-changing” strategy and recognised children’s obesity as “a national emergency”. First to Christmas 2015, and then past January and into the New Year.

In the meantime, we made the case for concerted action on obesity and cancer.

If the Government wants to make a difference, it needs to deal with how kids are bombarded with junk food ads.

Yet, this plan makes no mention of any marketing restrictions.

As recently as last month, the Government said a strategy would look at “everything that contributes to a child becoming overweight and obese“.

So neglecting junk food marketing – one of the biggest factors in children’s obesity – is inexcusable. And our recent research on the perceptions of junk food among primary school pupils brings home why this matters.


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