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A corrupt community where people are blinded with the ungodliness behavior , they see it as a normal thing to do. Books and magazines are also an influential method to contaminate the minds of the people. And survey shows that even to those who refrain from sex until 20 or beyond , by the age of 44, 81% have had premarital sex.

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Despite the emotional and physical damage, spiritually it can damage our relationship with God, our body is a temple we should treasure and take care of, besides it is a common sense we should all know to keep our body pure and holy.

Many who have had their sex before marriage express feelings of guilt, embarrassment, lack of respect, low self-esteem , distrust and much more. Having premarital sex is not the best way to express love for someone you are not tied up with, after all, it is not love considering its effects such as unwanted pregnancy or diseases.

Not only it is against God’s will but also damage ones person’s life.

Bad parenting can also cause a person’s misbehavior. I strongly disagree that having premarital sex is right.

Sex is something emotional and affects our lives in ways we can’t explain.

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People also don’t consider the emotional effects of having premarital sex.

Indiscipline has also led many young people into destruction.

Girls use their body to earn money so they can satisfy their wants.

Some people say that using condom can prevent such risk, but using protection can only reduce the contracting HIV by 85%.

Are you aware that 50% of the people who are currently have sex diseases such as HIV are between the ages of 15 and 24?


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