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He wrote for radio, television, and theater, and worked at various times as a hospital porter, barn builder, chicken-shed cleaner, bodyguard, and radio producer.

He was also a script editor of the notorious Doctor Who series.

Hopefully he never fell out of a tree trying to gain understanding. Apparently the British are seeking atonement for their prior sins with these dry sandwiches, and we love that they’re called out so blatantly in On a trip to the reefs in Australia with his wife, Adams explored the tropical fish in the water and mused on their unreal appearances in his 1992 essay, “Riding the Rays.” After he saw the fish, he was lucky enough to look upon a giant manta ray, which he called the “single most beautiful and unearthly thing I had ever seen in my life.” RELATED: 5 Otherworldly Deep Sea Creatures of the Mariana Trench Besides the holy experience with the fish in Australia, Adams was a staunch atheist. Though we hope to stay on top of our deadlines, at least we know if we fall behind that we’re in the great company of Douglas Adams, Procrastinating King.

Be right back, going to search for pictures of baby sloths getting baths for a few hours. He even referred to himself as a radical atheist instead of a normal atheist because he didn’t want people to think he was agnostic. RELATED: See the Final Cover for Neil Gaiman's This quote isn’t funny, but it hits us right where we need it when things aren’t going our way.

Adams had several cameo appearances in the TV series, and his voice was used for the character Agrajag in the radio series, taken from his audiobook reading.

As the businessman who withdraws large sums of money from a bank,and then walks naked into the sea (the original actor for the part either called in sick, or was moving house that day); and one of the Sirius Cybernetic Marketing Division members.Don’t worry, now we have Google Earth to really freak us out about how small we are. “I’d take the awe of understanding over the awe of ignorance any day. RELATED: Parrots, the Universe, and Everything: What a Young Douglas Adams Learned from Traveling the World The whale’s inner monologue has a sense of purity that many jaded characters in the ’s world do not.My favorite piece of information is that Branwell Brontë, brother of Emily and Charlotte, died standing up leaning against a mantelpiece, in order to prove it could be done. My absolute favorite piece of information is the fact that young sloths are so inept that they frequently grab their own arms and legs instead of tree limbs, and fall out of trees.”Leave it to Douglas Adams to evoke thoughts of the slowest furry creatures in nature while also making us think about our own ignorance. Instead of complaining and fearing death, the whale is excited at the prospect of meeting the ground, and even hopes that the ground and the whale can spark up a friendship. So when we read about Hotblack Desiato, a longtime acquaintance of Arthur Dent’s who chooses to die for a year due to taxes, we get it. “There is a feeling which persists in England that making a sandwich interesting, attractive, or in any way pleasant to eat is something sinful that only foreigners do.``Make 'em dry,'' is the instruction buried somewhere in the collective national consciousness."Perhaps if the people of England had made better looking sandwiches, Adams wouldn’t have moved to the United States.Adams always knew he wanted to be a writer, and he even motivated himself by thinking of his good writing grades in school, but he hit a lot of bumps along the way.RELATED: 9 Moving Quotes from Sci-Fi Master Ursula K.Poor Branwell was also brought into the mix, and we really hope for his sake that he didn’t die trying to prove a point. Also, we just love to imagine a spaceship-to-whale transformation. Adams moved back and forth from England to California often, but he ultimately made his home in Santa Barbara from 1999 to the time of his death.RELATED: Fewer Than 42 Facts About Douglas Adams In this quote from , a posthumous collection of previously published and unpublished materials, Adams reflects on understanding and ignorance. Perhaps the California avocado sandwiches kept Adams from going back to his homeland.In fact it fits me staggeringly well, must have been made to have me in it!” The probably biggest atheist in the world, Richard Dawkins, even dedicated a book to him.Adams was an English writer and dramatist, best known as the author of The Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy.He also wrote a lot of other books and stories like The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul (1988) and three chapter for the television series Doctor Who.


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