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Flowers are fragrant with subtle meanings, each different for every artist who chooses them as a subject.

They are a move away from literal explications, self-righteous cynicism—and toward what, precisely? Free in the wilderness, rowed in gardens, in bouquets on tables, or as a decorative aromatic around the dead, flowers offer an opportunity for a simple, sensual pleasure—both a temporary escape and a corporeal return.

We ought to be thankful for our floral friends, wherever they grow, they seldom disappoint.

(2001) “Not even the category of the portrait seems to have ever attained the profound level of painterly decrepitude that still life would attain in the sinister harmlessness in the work of Matisse or Maurice de Vlaminck… Feel that sumptuous perfume blooming from those spreading petals. That’s your grandmother’s bathroom and the heart-shaped wreath at her funeral.

Everybody enjoys flowers, the vibrant colours offer a feast for our eyes and fragrant bouquets that tantalise our noses.

Images of flowers are equally appealing, though without smellovision., It’s about time this site brightened up, with a little floral colour.Georgia O’Keeffe transformed her blossoms from still-life representation into a kind of abstraction that tongued that first truth of flowers; all of her blooms wore the faces of interdimensional pussies.Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs of flowers look even more suggestive to me than some of his more obviously lusty snaps of men in various states of undress and erect action.Alpine flowers can often be quite small but this doesn’t make them any less appealing and almost always worth the effort it takes to reach them.We may also be treated to some of the equally spectacular insects which visit them daily in search of nectar.They have probably played an important part in human society ever since mankind dwelled in caves. Cities, towns and villages, plant them in public areas and throughout residential areas.Civic halls are decorated with the brightest of flowers, deep scarlets, bright yellows, vibrant violets and delicate blues.A wreath is a typical arrangement and is almost symbolic of bereavement.They are ceremoniously handed over at remembrance parades.Even the most macho man secretly enjoys coming across an attractive urban garden or carpet of wild flowers in an alpine meadow.A hand-picked arrangement of flowers has probably also managed to get many men (and women) off the hook when they’ve transgressed in some way.


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