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Adversity can bring out the evil in people but strong morality will keep the trait controlled.

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While he is on the island Ralph, a moral leader, grows as shown through his strong character, his ability to be a civilized role model, and his correct decisions towards dilemmas.

Ralph has a number of character traits that are shown throughout the book.

The crave for the hunt over being rescued, and the demotion of Ralph as chief.

The mysteries of the island also had a huge impact on the actions of the boys.

(22) This shows that Ralph can be empathetic while still being able to bring order and control.

All of these character traits make him the perfect representation of civilization and gives him the capability to tell right from wrong.

Even subsequent to the majority of the juveniles forsaking him, he aimed to sustain righteousness. While Rousseau wrote that society corrupted man, Golding wrote that society was the only thing keeping man from reverting back to an animal-like, savage state.

Rousseau lived during a glorious time for man, an explosion of innovations and art, but Golding lived in a war torn world, and his philosophies reflect that turmoil.

However as time goes by, things start to deteriorate, the boys are sick of doing their duties, and compassion and respect for others is lost, all of which make up a civilized society.

This is highlighted with the Murder of Piggy and Simon.


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