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This influence is greatly reflected in the Renaissance art.Unlike the medieval artists, whose art mainly featured heavenly creatures, the Renaissance artists shifted their focus to the human body and things of concern to the normal earthly human life.

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Early Renaissance art depicted human beings going on with their daily lives and engaging in activities such as dancing and eating, rather than participating in extraordinary things.

Medieval artists were never concerned about realism.

As such, they often made important figures larger than the rest of the artistic components or often omitted landscape elements.

In the Renaissance, methodological constraints from the old were abandoned and new discoveries made in the birth of elements, such as composition, perspective and color application in art.

However, in the Early Renaissance humanists argued that the human life had purpose and value, and the human body was God’s beautiful creation.

After these claims artists began studying the human anatomy thoroughly in order to portray the human body in art as realistically as possible.

Unlike medieval art which mainly focused on religious themes, Renaissance art showed more secularism and human-based themes, which focused on human welfare.

Renaissance art showed more representations of people studying mathematics and philosophy, rather than worshiping, which was a common theme in medieval times.

According to the, natural world depiction was never a focus in medieval art, but with the conception and development of humanism artists began depicting the natural world in a realistic way.

Portraying people realistically was never important in medieval times, because there was no perceived special beauty in human form.


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