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While Classical Realism helps explain some of the contentious issues in international relations, its weaknesses stem from its emphasis on the struggle for power.

Human’s passion for power can neither be measured nor validated.

Philosophically, Classical Realism is the epitome of the modern philosophical departure from ancient Greek philosophy, especially under Aristotle who contends that human nature is a “tabula rasa.

” As our worldview changes, so do our views pertaining to politics.

Instead, it has to do with the shared feeling of community within the liberal democratic states.

Democracies and advocates of liberal economies tend to expand and sustain this community through exercising their power in the name of justice and differentiating themselves from outsiders.

This also brings us to another weakness of Classical Realism, which is that it neglects non-state actors such as international organizations and multi-national corporations.

Also, Classical Realism does not focus enough on contemporary non-military issues with security implications as refugees, environmental issues, and political economy issues that can weaken the state. With China’s economic growth, its subsequent environmental issues have also led to global attention.

Given the decreased amount of conflict in today’s world, there is still violence from those who oppose the liberal democratic “world community.

One may ask, how would a Classical Realist explain the “irrationality” behind these aggressors?


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