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These words are not actually direct speech yet mimic the character’s way of speaking.

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As Catherine matures in the town of Bath and at Northanger Abbey, she learns to forgo immature childhood fantasies in favor of the solid realities of adult life, thus separating falsehood from truth.

This theme is expressed in a couple of ways, most obviously when Catherine’s infatuation with Gothic novels causes her to nearly ruin her relationship with Henry Tilney: her imagination finally goes too far, and she wrongly suspects General Tilney of murdering h...

[tags: Gender, Woman, Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen] - Northanger Abbey: Authenticity In what is for Jane Austen an uncharacteristically direct intervention, the narrator of Northanger Abbey remarks near the end: "The anxiety, which in the state of their attachment must be the portion of Henry and Catherine, and of all who loved either, as to its final event, can hardly extend, I fear, to the bosom of my readers, who will see in the tell-tale compression of the pages before them, that we are all hastening together to perfect felicity." As far as I know this is the only overt reference Austen ever makes to the material nature of her medium, and the relationship of that materiality to generic conventions....

[tags: Northanger Abbey] - When authors write a story they “tell a particular story to a particular audience in a particular situation for, presumably, a particular purpose” (Phelan 4).

Femininity can be referred to as “the quality or nature of the female gender” (Merriam Webster).

In Jane Austen 's Northanger Abbey, we can connect the traits among several female characters to gain a perspective of the roles and expectations of English women living in a privileged society during the 1800s....

He makes no mention of her being wilfully malicious.

At the end of the novel Isabella treats Catherine and James badly but whether she had intended to do this is questionable.

Whether one can regard only true friendships as important will also be explored.

In Northanger Abbey (NA) there are two main friendships, that of Catherine and Isabella and Catherine and Eleanor.


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