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In 1980, according to George Washington University neurologist Dr.Since then, the science of synesthesia has come a long way, thanks to neuroimaging and the ability to connect somebody’s sense of the reality of the world to her brain’s architecture.

Though her father, also an artist, insisted five was yellow ochre.

And like most with synesthesia, Steen can’t recall “5” ever being a different hue or not having joinedtoo.

But today, Ro explained, scientists understand the anatomical basis for the seemingly random reactions, and how synesthetes have greater neural crosstalk than the rest of us.

Still, for most people, it’s nearly impossible to grasp what intertwined senses are like; how it feels to live with chromesthesia — the “sound-to-color” that Steen has — or her experience of “colored pain.” But at least artists like Steen provide some visual equivalence for non-synesthetes. Her twisted bronze and steel blue sculpture, conveys the shapes and color of the first two syllables of Dr. Even today, the synesthesia community feels tight-knit. Cytowic on the radio, Steen reached out to discuss her synesthesia, which she’d kept hidden for decades.

Still, not everything she experiences is “synesthetically wonderful.” “I assure you that if I smell something really bad,” she explained, “it’s not anything anyone would want to see.” Steen describes the reaction as an immediate physical response.

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In fact, she listens to music when she goes to the art-supply store, carefully removing the paint-tube cap to see if the color matches the sound she’s But until fairly recently, synesthesia had its share of skeptics.A 2013 paper in Graduate Center professor of psychology and the article’s lead author.Nails on a chalkboard make us cringe; a buzzing mosquito makes us itch.A person no longer has to “claim” that Wednesday is indigo blue; researchers can compare activity between her cortical areas when she sees the word to a non-synesthete’s brain scan.To take a handful of studies, there’s now a known genetic link in families, as well as a neurological basis for the most common form of synesthesia, “grapheme-color,” when numbers and letters have distinct colors.Shapes and sounds can have particular tastes, while letters or numbers can embody distinct personalities and genders.To take examples based on scientific literature, for one synesthete, the sound of a high C on a trumpet induces a flash of Ferrari red.In college, however, Day realized his synesthesia was actually hurting his creativity.“I focused way too much on my synesthetic colors,” he wrote in an essay for Oxford’s Handbook of Synesthesia.They soon became friend-colleagues, and she gifted him Photographer Marcia Smilack is also known for using synesthesia as a cornerstone of her process.As a “reflectionist” — her term of art — Smilack takes trippy pictures of the ocean’s surface the moment she has a synesthetic reaction, some of which have a Screamesque quality to them.


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