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Pintera is surrounded by federal agents and surrenders without engaging in a gun battle because his young son is with him. John and his family go into the witness protection program and he leaves Daniel the large Federal reward check that John received for the capture of Pintera.

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While at a barbecue, John Matthews, Jason's estranged father and owner of a construction company, is called by his ex-wife Sylvie about Jason being arrested.

John and Sylvie meet and have a tense discussion while waiting to speak to Jason.

He is put in an interview room with John, Sylvie, and the investigator, who pressures Jason to inform on one of his own friends for trafficking in order to reduce his own sentence, as Craig had done.

Using his connections, John arranges to meet with local US Attorney Joanne Keeghan, who is running a very aggressive anti-drug campaign.

Jason signs for the package and brings it to his room, discovering that it contains a large amount of pills in a bag, as well as a tracking device.

DEA officers arrive and break into the house; Jason flees but is chased down by Agent Cooper.

Daniel introduces John to Malik, an extremely dangerous, high-ranking local drug dealer, who also has two strikes.

Explaining that his construction business cannot stay afloat in the current economy without a supplement to its revenues, John offers to run nearly limitless amounts of drugs at almost zero risk in his freight trucks.

Keeghan relishes the prospect of arresting such a high-profile dealer, but Cooper has a change of heart and tries to talk John out of doing the run, suspecting the cartel will kill him afterward.

John devises a plan to free himself and Daniel from both the government and the cartel.


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