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Emerson urges his readers to retain the outspokenness of a small child who freely speaks his mind.A child he has not yet been corrupted by adults who tell him to do otherwise.One may liken this inborn knowledge to conscience or intuition.

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It is better to exercise the power within yourself than to envy and imitate others.

In 1844, Emerson published a second collection, Essays: Second Series.

Consequently, in 1847, he changed the title of the first collection to Essays: First Series.

He used the German word for transcendental to refer to intuitive or innate knowledgewrote those words in Book 1, line 7, of his Satires.

The quotation is an apt introductory aphorism for Emerson's essay, for it sums up the central idea of "Self-Reliance" and the transcendental philosophy behind it: that one should rely on his own inner voiceto make important decisions and put his life on a righteous path.


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