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In dreams, in thesub-conscious mind, the original language still lives.

The imagery of 'your mother tongue would rot' in the first stanza is reversed in the last stanzaas the 'bud' of the mother tongue re-opens.

Everyone has a different view on culture, but to me it is a huge influence on our everyday lives, many different issues contribute to the term ‘Culture’ from the way we dress, to our beliefs, attributes, how we live, and even For example, John Agard was originally from Guyana but moved to England in 1977, his mother was Portuguese but born in Guyana and his father is black.

One of the things he likes about living in England is the wide range of people he meets: “The diversity of cultures here is very exciting”.

How might it help you to understand the poet's feelings?

Or it can be seen as using language to represent the struggle of colonial experience.

Later, her family lived for some years in the United States, where she learned English. She has chosen to write poems in English, rather than Gujarati.

But a number of her poems, including the one I am studying, are written in both languages.

The poet feels, at the start of her poem, that she has lost her original language now that she is living abroad.

The poem is also about the experience of colonialism and emigration.


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