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As such, he commands huge respect within that party and does a great deal to drive the policies of that party in power. In the British and American systems of government, power is ultimately held by prime minister and president respectively It seems obvious that thepresident and prime minister hold ultimate power until one considers the subject in detail.With a large parliamentary majority, it is almost certain that prime ministerial policies will eventually become the actual policy and law. Each for instance is elected only for a relatively short term and at some time in the future will step down, willingly or otherwise, and in many instances they will be replaced by someone from another party who will have different policies and view points.According to Darby (2000), the resurgence of some elements of the dependency theory stems from two realities in......declare war and by the virtue of being the chair of the defence council can influence the deployment and disposition of the British Armed Forces.

The Prime Minister is also vested with the power to appoint ministers called the ‘whips’ whose main duty is to solicit the support of MPs and to discipline nonconformists of the government parliamentary party.

Since the electorate votes for parties and not individuals, party discipline becomes extremely crucial.

To some extent, Prime Minister's office is still a de facto shade...

in it; it is......152530 INTRODUCTION The office of the Prime Minister of England as it was referred to earlier, is a unique status about which T. Macaulay writes in one of his letters to his father, when he comes to know the unfortunate death of Canning in 1827 after only four months of attaining the post of Prime Minister: "To fall at the very moment of reaching the very highest pinnacle of human ambition!

International Relations Theories in the British Prime Minister David Cameron’s Speech to the Canadian Parliament The British Prime Minister David Cameron's speech, delivered before a joint session of the Canadian Parliament, displayed several allusions to dependency theory.

For some, the theory may be outdated or unpopular even but its basic tenets - that of tracing the lineage of international relationships and international systems - become en vogue again as part of some countries' policy in combating global problems.

Such a position does not allow the Prime Minister to drive an international agenda which the US president is capable of.

In this sense, the power of the US president abroad is far greater than that of the British Prime Minister.

Political instinct alone seems to dictate the American president as 'the world's most powerful man' in the sense that most powerful politician in any of the world's democratic nations.

He heads the world's most modern military force and the world's largest economy.


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