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In picture , you can view the languages which are supported by the Government in USA, they are all at the same level and treaded equally. No way, you can call people speaking Punjabi as un-educated, especially when they had more 87% literacy rate at one point of time.

Ethnologue works towards the cataloging all of the world’s known living languages, has been an active organization since 1951.

Being a Sikh — Identify in Millions with ease , Immigrant and a Minority gives me a-lot more of that pies. My Mother tongue means a lot to me, If I don’t speak in a day or two I start feeling exhausted and empty .

First time when I went out of Punjab, I start missing something and my ‘original’ me was not there, I struggled a lot to identify however was no success, until I met a few folks, from Pakistan who speak Punjabi, their Mother tongue. Which could lead to un-wanted anxiety and stressed face.

Punjabi became official language of indian Punjab recently and have no official status in Pakistan.

Sikh and Punjabi speaking Muslim are struggling in these countries to promote and get the deserving status to their Mother tongue.

Punjabi languages is maintained by ISO 639 standard as whole, both Lahnda [Lah] (Shahmukhi script) and eastern Punjabi [pan] (Gurmukhi script)are included in part 2 of the ISO 639 standard.

Lahnda [lah] and Western Punjabi[pnb] are maintained together, means Western Punjabi[pnb] is included in the Lahnda[lah] with others.

My mother tongue is Punjabi and I am concerned too.

Being an Immigrant or a Minority group you always have an extra pie in your plate.


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