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However, other human persons may still assert that they have dignity even though they find themselves in such situations.All in all, humans deserve dignity not because of their lifelong achievements but by the fact they are already human beings (Ter Meulen Ruud, 2010).

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Informational Research Paper - Essay On Love And Respect For Humanity

Owing to the fact that Jesus Christ offered His life as a ransom for sin and the sinful nature of human beings, human dignity was lifted at its best, hence it should be respected.

Human dignity has been defined from the philosophical, religious and legalistic perspectives.

The deep philosophical roots of the term human dignity were articulated by Emmanuel Kant, a great philosopher of the famous late Enlightenment.

Three Perspectives of Human Dignity The question of human dignity has hit the headlines world over in the recent past.

The pre-colonial period has been used as the base reference for crimes against humanity and abuse of human dignity, thence redefinition of the term human dignity by international law courts and the United Nations.


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