Essay On Julius Caesar Tragic Hero

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It is arguable that Brutus fits Aristotle's guidelines for a tragic hero. It also seems that he has a great relationship with his wife, because when she was concerned about him, he spent time to talk to her and comfort her.

He has a high position in society, which is evident through that fact that he is a senator. In the play, even his enemies speak well of him (Shakespeare V, 5, 73-75). Furthermore, his tragic flaw causes him it make a mistake.

Casca said, "Why there was a crown offered to him;...people fell a-shouting" (I, ii, 221-223).

Next, to show how noble and great Caesar was, the Romans would stand along the street sides to watch him pass by.

"Madam not yet, I go to take my stand; to see him pass on to the Capitol," said the soothsayer (II, iv, 25-26).

Finally, Caesar had the greatest rank possible, as he would have been crowned king if it weren't for the conspiracy's plot.Julius Caesar took over most of the Roman Empire and his events are very important to history.First, Julius Caesar is very historical because if he weren't then, we would not be talking about him today. Nevertheless, Brutus would do whatever it takes for the good of Rome, this trait was the reason why Cassius convinced Brutus into joining the conspiracy, with Cassius telling Brutus that Caesar was going to end the Roman republic and rule as king; consequently corrupting Rome.In Julius Caesar William Shakespeare illustrates Caesar as the Tragic Hero.He ends up murdering Caesar because of his overwhelming patriotism.Brutus is more concerned about his nation than he is about any single man.In no part of the play did Caesar imagine that his closest friends ...The Tragedy of Julius Caesar - Tragic Hero Essay In the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, I saw two main characters as tragic heroes.Aristotle once said “A man doesn’t become a hero until he can see the root of his own downfall.” These words best describe what a “Tragic Hero” is and both Julius Caesar and Brutus displayed this characteristic, so the question is “Who is the real tragic hero in this story?” This paper shall explore the reasons behind why each man is considered a hero in his own right and who the rightful owner to the title of the play truly belongs to.


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