Essay On Importance Of School In Child'S Life

Essay On Importance Of School In Child'S Life-46
Such behaviors can lead to social exclusion or various psychological pressures.Confronted with such a situation, the child may experience loss of self-confidence, discomfort from the environment and a desire to move away.

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We have prepared an article that includes important details that should be read by everyone who cares about education. All of the general and personalized learning-teaching processes that teach people the art of living in the best way is called education.

The training aims to change the behaviour of the individual in a deliberate manner and for a purpose according to the pre-determined principles.

The most significant education occurs in the family because family is a fundamental type of education.

Therefore, together with the importance of education, it is significantly important to talk about the role of the family in education.

This rapid change brought about the consequences of resistance and resistance to innovation.

However, the history of humanity is always travelling towards better.

Therefore, from school and lectures, cooling, lack of interest, escaping and as a result academic failures can occur.

As you can see, education is always intertwined with internal and external elements.

In the preschool period, the education and interest of the child from the family is of high importance.

The positive attitudes of the family in the 0-6-year-old preschool period and the conscious raising of their children turn into a sustainable success in the school period.


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